PREORDER: New sunglasses available!


We are so excited! The pre-order of our new sunglasses is available :)

Our Eyewear collection is named after two of the most characteristic winds of our Mediterranean coast: Mistral and Siroco.

Mistral is a northwesterly wind that blows from the shores of the Mediterranean towards the sea.

It is caused by air cooled over the mountains by the presence of a high pressure system.

It is a cold, dry wind that can reach 50 knots with ease and, at times, hurricane force.

Siroco or Xaloc is born from the southwest, it is similar to that of a hurricane, however it reaches speeds of 100 kilometers per hour.

It is warm, dry and is accompanied by red dust from the Sahara.

The cellulose acetate we use is a vegetable plastic made from renewable materials.

It began to be used in the manufacture of glasses in the late 40s. Cellulose acetate glasses, in addition to not using materials that are harmful to the environment, are much more durable than others made from plastic derived from petroleum.

The acetate we use in our sunglasses is Mazzucchelli, a family of 6 generations sharing the same mission and values: excellence in innovation and quality with a focus on tradition and craftsmanship.

Launching a product through pre-order helps us to adjust the quantity to be produced in advance.

It allows us to calculate the optimum price better and above all, reduce the stock and storage costs.

Tightly-adjusted production means less impact on the planet. Any manufacturing process leaves a footprint, but this is how we make it smaller. If you’ve got this far, you’ll see the many benefits of pre-order.

It also has a positive impact on the customer. Since there are benefits for Trendsplant (we produce the optimum amount, reduce the storage costs and stock), that allows us to give our customers a 15% discount.

Pre-ordering has already proved very useful in the manufacture of some products.


These sunglasses are 100% handcrafted in Portugal in J.M. 's workshop from top quality materials all coming from Italy from the best manufacturers such as Mazzuchelli, a piece of craftsmanship that very few workshops make nowadays.

Frame : 100% Acetate Mazzuchelli (Origin Italy)

Lenses: CR39 - UV400 - Divel (Origin Italy)

100% Handcrafted in Portugal

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