Is there a mid-season sale of the labor force?


We are almost in the middle of the Spring/Summer season and as many of you will know in our sector, fashion, we work (or used to work) by seasons, specifically two, spring/summer and fall/winter, although additionally they have always existed two periods of transition of two months each where the remaining stock of seasonal products is discounted in order to make room for those of the new season, the famous "Summer Sale" and “Winter Sale”.

When we started with this project, we wanted to change something, improve something for society, affect as much as possible: production, sales, quality ... being agents of change in some way and continue to affect and improve things while the company grows and at the same time that we learn from life and business.

Being an agent of change is a great responsibility and nobody is born taught, we work every day to be consistent with the core values ​​of the brand and we try to improve processes to be faithful to our message.

Indeed, the title of this post is very direct, but it comes as a result of a reflection that we raise internally many times, and many times means it happens almost daily ...


Is this ecosystem of permanent discounts, of excessive consumption, sustainable?


Is more sustainable making clothes with organic cotton or just buying what we need and throwing less stuff away?


That said ... we could start a long discussion about the ethics of discounting a product with only thirty days or less of life in the market but ... that is not our job, each organization works in its own way and understands the business as they can and want.

Our idea is to explain why Trendsplant act they way it does so you can understand how we want to affect society and be those agents of change we were mentioning at the beginning.

In textile, we have several determining factors for the cost of a garment: raw material, labor and logistics.

In all the factories we have visited during this nine years, no matter what the order is, if it is 100 units or 1000 units, it takes the same time to manufacture a t-shirt, the same amount of cotton is consumed and the fuel to bring it is also the same for each one of them.

We asked ourselves. What would happen if we went to Portugal to one of the the factories today to ask them for a 25% discount for the mid-season sale?

The reason for these words is not to demonize sales campaigns, it is not to criticize the sector or the competition, it is not to make us (yes, we include ourselves) feel bad with our discounted purchases, it is simply to explain you our way of seeing things and the concerns that arise as we try to create this, our project.

Is there also a mid-season sale out of the labor force?


And of raw materials or fuel?


Is it only brands' fault that the market is like this, or are we consumers also part of the equation?


Are we aware of everything that comes with our new way of consuming?


In Trendsplant we are not perfect, we know that we will never be able to be, but we try to be better every day and transparent with our customers and suppliers, and above all very consistent with our decisions and ideas.

With this reflection we hope to open a conversation with you, our clients, and know what you think about these words, about the market and the perception that you have of all this around Trendsplant.

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