We are cowards


We always have encountered feelings when Black Friday is getting closer, this year we decided to explain all this to our customers. This is the email all Trendsplant customers received on the past Thursday.


Hi there!

If this mail made it to your inbox it’s because you are a Trendsplant customer.

We’re not going to send this email to newsletter subscribers, only to those who with your orders have taken Trendsplant to where we are now.

If you have a rough day and / or you don’t feel like reading a lot I will just get to the point.

We are going to hold a Black Friday Sale, and it will be available for you first.

When you log in to your account at Trendsplant from Thursday 21st to Sunday 24th night, all Black Friday prices will be applied to the products before they are available for rest of the world, making sure all the best sizes are still available for you, as you know they sell out quickly.

Bear with us during next week and please be patient with shipments, we rely on delivery companies that are super busy these days, some of the shipments might take a couple days more to reach destination…but don’t worry, we got you covered.

And now the explanations for those who are bored at work or feel like reading how we think at Trendsplant.

I don't know if you have ever read through our blog (we promise to reactivate it) our social media, to be honest, we are not big fans of discount campaigns, we feel like it’s a short-term strategy and damages our brand image in the long term.

Unfortunately we’re still a small brand in order to go against the current all the time, and the truth is that this current comes too strong for us sometimes.

Black Friday is a fabulous idea for large companies, but for small brands it’s not so much, discount your products for one week during the best season of the year and if you’re lucky you’ll make a great week in revenue but not so much in profit, also in exchange, almost no sales in the two weeks before and after it, sounds great, right?

We have noticed a rise in abandoned carts and a decrease in sales in the weeks leading up to the famous event, that's the case.

We’re very lucky and right now we are in a high growth phase in our e-commerce, and we cannot afford to skip Black Friday in this period, but maybe when people are more aware of sustainable shopping and this movement grows we will be bigger and able to take part of it, we would love to make the same as great brands we love and that close their website and stores for Black Friday as a claim of their work and product.

Nowadays it is very hard to be consistent between your thoughts and acts, even harder when you have a growing business that you've dreamt of for ten years and you speak about the two key months for the yearly revenue.

For all these reasons we feel that we must make more courageous decisions in the future, and lead by example.

Hence the title of the mail, we are cowards.

That’s it for now.

To those who arrived here reading:

1) You are great, thank you for reading.
2) You love Trendsplant, that’s for sure.
3) You’re too bored, go call someone to go for a hike or a beer!
4) All of the above.

Thank you very much.

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