New! Shorts using 90% less water in the manufacturing process


Every day we do everything possible to minimise our impact on the environment and ensure our activity has a positive effect on society.

This is why we’re happy to announce a new product: shorts made in Spain.

Inspired by climbing clothing, this new garment features an elasticated waist and built-in belt.


Latest technology

To dye these shorts we use Eco-Finish Dye technology, which reduces the consumption of water in the process by more than 90%.

We have also reduced our consumption of chemical products and our carbon footprint by half, as we don’t need energy to heat water we no longer use.

The dye is applied to the garment through nebulization, a more sustainable and efficient process. In a traditional bath the medium through which the dye travels is water: with micro-nebulization, the medium is air.

The manufacturing process is cold, significantly reducing energy costs.

The cotton fabric contains a small percentage of elastane to provide the everyday comfort you need.

These shorts feature a YKK zip, side and back pockets and the logo embroidered onto the fabric.

There’s more. They bear the “Made in Green” stamp certifying environmental sustainability in manufacturing.

Pre-order once more

As we recently explained, launching a garment on the market via pre-order helps us to fine tune the amount to be produced in advance.

We can calculate the ideal retail price better, and above all, we can reduce stock and storage costs.

And not only that, tightly-adjusted production means less impact on the planet.

There are many benefits to pre-order, and it also has a positive impact on the customer.

Since there are benefits for Trendsplant (we produce the optimum amount, reduce the storage costs and stock), that allows us to give our customers a 15% discount.

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