Meet the Team: Pablo (Logistics)


A place to walk...

I would love to walk around the souk in the mountains of Fez, Morocco, drinking tea.

What is that Trendsplant item you always put in your suitcase?

I would take my classic pink t-shirt, it's a model that I love and makes me feel full of light, it would be perfect to walk on the beaches of Saidia, Morocco.

That song you can’t stop humming…

'Contra todos', Roberto Iniesta, is the result of when synchrodestine and honesty are aligned.

What does Trendsplant represent to you, beyond clothing?

For several years now Trendsplant has been a way of life for me. I started buying their clothes because of the quality, design and of course because they are from my city, Alicante.

With the passage of time his confidence, values and philosophy were linked to my being, making me a mediterranean elephant with which I feel very good.

Name another brand that you feel identified with...

I find it difficult to find the balance between comfort and values in other brands.

What book would you give away…

Synchrodestine, Deepak Chopra. A book that will make you see life beyond what your eyes see, teaches you to read and interpret the small miracles that happen to you every day and to understand things so obvious that you have probably never asked yourself.

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