Meet Team Trendsplant: Jaime Satorre (Web Developer & Marketing Online)


“Meet Team Trendsplant” is about our employees, the people that make it happen everyday.

Jaime, the digital connection between you and our elephant...

A place to get lost?

I think my best adventure is yet to come, but I’m sure it will be surrounded by nature and few people.

What is that Trendsplant item you always put in your suitcase?

Without a doubt the coach jacket, I find it a very versatile garment for any situation. It is very light and comfortable and ideal to wear any of the sweatshirts of the basic line below, another of my essential and together they form a good tandem. In addition, like any Trendsplant garment, it can adapt to the different situations we encounter in our daily lives.

That song you can’t stop humming?

Any song by Armin Van Buuren, always accompanies me besides being perfect in the moments that I need the music for a good energy plus.

What does Trendsplant represent to you, beyond clothing?

Trendsplant to me means friendship. Name another brand that you feel identified with… Beyond Trendsplant I'm not in love with any other brand. I could say other brands but I don't really have any clothes from them.

What book would you give away?

Give away... Modernist Cuisine: The Art Science of Cooking, I think everyone deserves to have that work of art in their hands and if you like cooking, more.

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