Earth Day is today and forever


Today is Earth Day. It’s a special day, but it shouldn’t be. Wait, let us explain. What we say may seem contradictory, but there’s a reason.

This week, our friends at 1% For the Planet sent us a graphic featuring a quote and a photo of their founder, Yvon Chouinard.

Chouinard is our role model and source of inspiration. We very much agree with what the founder of the Patagonia brand says.

The job of making the Earth a better place must be performed daily and involve every one of us.

Every little gesture counts, every activity in our life has an impact.

As a company, we knew from the outset that our activity had to be positive for the environment, whether the Mediterranean or the whole planet.

We’re not talking about being fully sustainable. 100% sustainability is a difficult goal to achieve. We all live with constant contradictions.

Let’s start with tiny steps along the way. If we add up the impact all of us make, the balance will be positive.

We end with a few examples of how our activity has a positive impact on the environment:

- We’ve banished any kind of plastic from our shipments.

- The bags we use in our store are made of FSC-certified recycled paper.

- The latest lines of pants we’ve launched are dyed using Ecofinish Dye technology, consuming 90% less water than the traditional process.

- Our collection of t-shirts grows, as does the number of lines made from organic cotton.

- We continue to manufacture several of our garments with SEAQUAL®YARN.

- We strive to make our alliance with 1%FTP and the Wild Tomorrow Fund last. Together we can accomplish great things.

And you? Will you help us make every day Earth Day?

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